Dubai Residence Visa

It’s without doubt you’ve seen lots of articles about Dubai visa but I can assure you that getting the residence visa is a lot more challenging but it’s something that’s more.

What is a Dubai Residence Visa?

Dubai residence visa is a permit that allows foreigners to live in Dubai for a long period of time. This kind of visa can be used to stay within the country for 2 to 3 years and sometimes till 10 years.

I know you want such an opportunity yourself. There is also a possibility that you’re already living in Dubai and you are wondering how you can get a resident visa that will permit you to stay freely in Dubai and be able to move freely as well.

if this is you, you don’t have to worry, this article will contain all you need to know about the residence Visa.

The truth is there is no permanent residency in Dubai, you keep renewing your passport once you have a residence Visa.

How To Get Dubai Residency Visa.

There are several ways you can get a Dubai residency visa, either of these ways is going to work perfectly depending on the reason you want to travel.

Open A Business : When you open a business in a country you contribute to the economic growth of the country. Therefore it’s easier to get a residence permit the moment you open a business.

If you ever wanted to get a Dubai residency visa all you need to do is start up a business in the country. The residency visa will allow you to run your business in Dubai and live freely as well.

This is especially for those who have the resources to start up a business or those who have the capital to open a business for others to manage.

Enroll in a university: one of the easiest ways to relocate to a new country is by choosing to study in their country. This is because to study in any country you need a residency visa or a student visa which will allow you to go to school and live freely in the country. It could be an undergraduate program or your Masters, whichever one it is, applying for a program in a recognised university in Dubai will make your transition and your residency visa acquisition very easy and genuine.

Buy Property worth at least 1 million AED:

Truth is that every country needs people who are willing to help develop the economy. If you are among the elite and you’re looking to move to Dubai using the residency visa then this is an option for you.

All you need to do is buy a property worth at least 1 million AED , once the property is acquired from the government or an approved and registered company you will be able to relocate to Dubai using your residency Visa.

Get A Job : securing a job is another way to easily relocate to Dubai using the residency visa, all you need to do is apply for jobs within the UAE and once the job offer is granted, the company would help with your processing, it is really much easier because the company takes responsibility for most of the requirements needed to get you into the company.

So if you feel like this is an option for you then you need to get started, apply for that job and while you wait for the Visa processing, get other things ready so that traveling will become much easier.

Be A Dependant: One way to actually get entrance in a country is to be a dependant. Dependency means that someone who is already in Dubai will be taking care of you and your expenditure. Every country wants to be sure you are capable of taking care of yourself and won’t be a burden to the country.

As a Dependent you can be a child or a retired parent ( this is the only way you can use this option).

How Long is the Visa valid?

When you get your residency Visa, it is stamped in your passport and it indicates the number of years the visa is valid.(2-3 years) and can extend till 10 years.

You can leave the country and return at any convenient time, but make sure to come into Dubai every 6 months to avoid cancelation of your Visa.

The process is almost similar to visa application and you can easily go through the process by first making a choice and knowing which of the processes you’d want to go with.