Finance :You too can go on a vacation

Vacations is not meant for a certain class of individuals, you too can go on a vacation.

The semester came to an end after taking her last examination paper but Sandra wasn’t so happy to go home.

Deep down she wanted to travel the world like Carolina and Isabella.

She’s reluctant to go back home and face boredom, for her it’s always from one social media site to another.

On one conversation with her she said, I really envy carol and Isabella ,there lives are just perfect.

They travel the world every semester or year end. She went further to say,

“ I wish I can have the opportunity to travel “

I wish I have the capacity to make that happen; it will be such a pleasure to me.

Our wishes sometimes come true but the truth is that we tend to look for what is in our shokoto in Sokoto.

You may not travel the world right now maybe because you are financially constraint at the moment.

But you sure can have a wonderful vacation right where you are.

You don’t necessarily have to fly over seven seas and mountains.

you only need to know what’s obtainable around you.

The beautiful thing about traveling is the connection, exposure, eye popping sight with the beautiful strange faces you get to connect and interact with

All these put together spice up our vacation, making it more fun and memorable.

Every reader is said to be a leader but a well traveled leader is a better leader.

With constant travels, one understands the unity in our diversity.

We are so different yet we are connected in so many ways.


That question can come to mind if you are an average earner.

But one thing is this, you too can travel and experience the world but it requires consciousness and proper preparation.

• When you decide to go on a vacation (which we all need, from time to time), the first thing is to check our savings and know exactly how much you have.

• After knowing your exact budget, planning set in.

Make sure not to exceed the planned budget.

Remember that after vacation life still continues.

No part should suffer because of the other.

You may have planned to travel to South Africa but if your budget is screaming Ghana or Akwaibom state kindly heed to it.

Should you borrow to make that happen??

Hell no, kindly switch to the one you can afford and plan better for the next year.

When you get to Ghana for example, endeavors to have plenty of Fun.

Get a tour guide to help you maximize your vacation to avoid going round in circles.

With each travel outside our space, we ought to learn something new, gain more insight on an existing one.

Is traveling only for the Rich and wealthy?

Well that question is far from the truth, if I must answer that nevertheless I will say this ;

Travelling or vacation is for all and sundry but everyone ought to be true to themselves.

Cut your coat accordingly but still have plenty of fun like their counterparts


Since you now know you too can travel , which location do you have in mind?

We may be of help to make sure you enjoy the best vacation and have lots of fun.

Remember that all work and no play makes you a fun-deprived person.

PLAN YOUR next trip, go out their and experience the world.





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