Travel Experience : Journey through the night

With every travel comes a new experience and lesson, here is my journey through the night.

Making plans to leave town, and I called a brother who resides in Abuja to send me address and when exactly to come.

He advised I take the night bus, according to him, it’s the best time to travel as traveling from Lagos to Abuja is quite a distance, takes about 10 hours or more by road.

The thought of spending such time on the road at night especially threw my mind way back.

I was young, tender and innocent, mostly I love to travel late, so as to get to my destination in the evening.

On this good day, I left home at 5:30 pm. On getting to the park, the last bus was loading and I joined.

We got to a place and I asked the driver, why are you following this route? I will stop at Agulu.

He gave me a bombshell, “this bus is not going to that area, this bus is headed to Enugu.”

It was already past 8 pm and in the Eastern part of Nigeria, you will hardly see people at that time.

Not knowing what to do, I asked the driver to stop me at the next bus stop.

I got down and quickly had to make a decision, should I go to the police across the road or go to the bike men in the other direction.

All the ugly stories I’ve heard about the police flooded my mind and I made my way to the bike men.

Addressing one of them I said ‘ Please take me to Agulu I don’t care how much it will cost me.’

I jumped on the bike and he zoomed off, half way through the journey the bike man started making conversations, I wasn’t comfortable but I won’t dare say.

He said “ there is a curfew, I’m not sure I can continue, I know you are a young girl and you are scared.

Can I take you to my sister’s place? In the morning, I will come back to pick you up and drop you back in school “

I bluntly refused insisting he keep moving that I will explain things to the police officers when we get there.

He gave me a condition of either agreeing to his proposal or allowing him to drop me off at that place.

It was inside the village of Amawbia, no single person on the road, or did I see any shop open.

I pleaded on how I will be seriously punished in school and he promised to take me back by 5am.

Not having any other option I agreed and he turned to the supposed sisters place.

Well, it turned out to be his house and this dude made advances at me all night.

To the point of threatening me with a cutlass.

The knock on the door gave me momentary peace but when I realized it was some guys(3 of them) that came around, I made up my mind it was going to be a gang rape.
To my amazement, they came in by past 2am after taking some drinks and smoking and slept off.

I didn’t close my eyes till the next morning.

At 5am I woke him up to take me back to school.

He went on his knee pleading that I forgive him, for he didn’t know what came over him.

I forgave him but refused having my bath before living.

I was scared that might give him an easy access.

He took me to a park and I boarded a bus to Agulu from where I took a bike to my school.

From that day, I have never traveled alone at night.

So the idea of traveling at night scares the hell out of me.

My journey through the night was endangering and risky.

There is a  tendency of one losing their lives.

Whenever I travel alone especially, I make it a point of duty to leave home early enough.

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