Best African countries to add to your travel list

Africa is blessed with beautiful landscape and views, this are African countries you need to add to your travel list.

Africa is regarded as second most populous and largest continent, that’s after Asia which is the most populated.

Despite being a developing continent, it’s diversity and rich culture has made it a destination to most foreigners.

There has been concerns about the safety of foreigners when they visit Africa and sometimes that pose as a barrier obstructing those who would love to experience the rich and diverse cultures to hold back.

That not withstanding those who have overcome that fear find Africa a very beautiful continent where they can have the best of experience which is entirely different from their culture.

There are many site of attractions that makes Africa a great place to visit, from the safari experience to the awesome blue beaches and wildlife.

Below are travel locations that is a must for every avid traveler who wants to experience Africa’s rich culture heritage and have amazing memories that will stick for a life time.


South Africa is one of the beautiful destinations in Africa with lots of tourist attractions.

From city gateway to safari experience and breathtaking Beaches for sight seeing and picnics.

In Africa the most beautiful cities are mostly from South Africa.

There are numerous luxurious hotels for accommodation and comfort.

There are so many sites, parks and fun places to visit.

Cape Town is the capital of South Africa and to experience the city life, this is where to go to.

You can also experience natural beauty at the isimangaliso wetland Park in kwa-zulu natal.

This park is home to Africans extensive Estuarine system.

The south is full of amazing places that will make your visit very adventurous.


This is a country where you get to experience great safari gateway.

Their cultural heritage is very rich at the Tsodilo Hills.

You find rock paintings dated thousand years back.

Bostwana is a landlocked country in Southern Africa and a perfect location for tourists.

The okavango delta located in the Kalahari Basin is a place to be.


After many years of conflicts and war, Rwanda has rebuilt itself to become a beautiful city that attracts tourists.

The “Land of a thousand hills’’ has a mountainous landscape and six active volcanoes
With its capital in Kigali, there are so many popular parks for recreation and tourist attractions.

The Akagera and Nyungwe are places you ought to visit while in Rwanda.

The gorilla trekking is one thing to take note of in Rwanda.

At the Volcanoes park, you find gorillas and monkeys.


The country with an Arabian and European culture, located in the north African bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea.

With its capital at Rabat and the official language is Berber.

The so many tourist sight makes it a destination for anyone.

It ranges from the Sahara experience (camel riding), the atlas mountain (you can go hiking to the peak) this mountain covers a large area of Morocco.

The beaches, sea food at the city of Essaouira which is a very popular beach destination for tourists.


Kenya is a country in the Eastern Africa with coastline on the Indian Ocean is a beautiful destination for a trip with the family as they have many calm places for family relaxation.

The national reserves and conservancies are home to so many wide life like the Cheetah, elephant and lions.

This will interest tourist that are lovers of wide life.

The tallest mountain in the world Mountain Kilimajaro is a beautiful place to go hiking.

The official language of Kenyans is swahill
Accommodation won’t be a problem as there are so many options to choose from.

Africa is richly blessed and visiting this countries will certainly leave you in awe and expectancy to visit others as well.

Which African country have you visited? We will love to hear from you.

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