Traveling myths that are limiting you from seeing the world

There are so many traveling myths that prevents us from living our best lives by exploring the world.

Most times these myths are wrong but because we grew into them, we accept without proper verification and in depth insight.

You may be wondering what a myth is, a Myth is a widely held but false belief or idea.

Most traveling myths had prevented so many persons from ever stepping foot outside their home town, state or country.

Their home town is their comfort Zone and they don’t intend to leave it.

This article is about debunking those myths and setting you free to live an adventurous life seeing the world.

Travelling Is Very Expensive.

I’ve heard people say things like, why I don’t bother myself about travels is that it’s so expensive, it’s a rich man thing not for an average person like us.

I shook my heard in disagreement because I know travelling Is for everyone.

You just have to cut out a budget for traveling and go to places within your reach.

All fingers are not equal doesn’t mean some rights are excluded to certain persons.

Travelling to just the next town can be more fun than , cruising the ocean in a ship, it’s all depending on the size of your pocket.

Start cutting out a budget now and by the time you have made up your mind to travel, it won’t be a burden at all.

It Is Dangerous To Travel.

Really? This is what you are letting prevent you from having fun and experiencing the world and the universe.

Haven’t you heard of people who were butchered by armed men in their home town, or place of work?

They didn’t have to travel to experience that,

What am trying to say is, don’t allow the fear of what’s probably going to happen prevent you from having an awesome experience.

Despite all the craziness, there are countries that are still very safe for you to visit.

Pack up your bags and travel, you will be back save and sound.

Culture Difference /Language Barrier.

Every tribe has a unique culture, skill, and language.

This diversity is the spice and rich culture still present in most traditional settings .
One essence of travelling is getting to know the cultures of others thereby expanding your knowledge and place of influence.

It’s  no way a barrier to our visiting them as we will definitely find a way of communicating or adjusting to the culture of others.

This is usually fun and very exciting .


Truth is that we don’t have time for anything except we make out time for that thing.

We are mostly busy doing something on a daily basis that we barely have time to unwind and relax the body.

All work and no play is really harmful to the body as the body seem to get over worked.

It’s important that no matter how busy we are, there should be somewhere in that calendar when we take a break to take care of ourselves.

If you breakdown today, that thing that is preventing us from taking a break will still flourish with or without us.

Therefore, when it’s time for break and vacation, do not hesitate to take it.

Pack up some clothes and go somewhere cool to unwind and reload.

Traveling Is Only For The Young

So far you are in good health and condition, traveling is for everyone regardless of the age.

The old are actually more in position to travel as they have more time than the young.

If you’ve decided to pack up your bags to travel, make sure you packed up all that is needed.

Medication if needed should come handy at all time.

In case of an allergy ,please have your drugs very close to you at all time.

Go out there, experience the world and have a memorable time.

Do not allow these traveling myths disrupts your plans of seeing the world.

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