Jungle experience (Living in the woods)

Living in the woods is an experience of a life time.

Takes you to the days of Adam and Eve.

Raised in the locality of my home town in Anambra state.

I felt I have seen it all about the village setting and the old ways of living.

Living in the woods

There were people living in the huts made of mud.

There were local lights that replaced the lantern we formerly were used to.

Rechargeable touch is the order of the day now.

There were no boreholes  taps around, the stream water was all we had.

There were also lots of local dishes.

Did you get to see George of the Jungle?

If yes that’s the kind if experience I had on this particular trip.

I belonged to a movement in my local church back then.

In preparation for a convention, we were to  camp at Enugu state.

The journey was to equip us spiritually fit to receive a particular sacrament.

On the day of departure, we all gathered at the venue at Amawbia.

Boarded a 16-seater bus and headed to Enugu.

We arrived our destination at about 4pm.

Made our way through the thick bushes, with machete we cleared our path.

Got to a point were we met 16 person who came before us.

There was a hut there and according to them that’s where our belongings will be kept.

No bathroom or restroom, no water or cooking stove.

All we had was some food stuffs ,pot, buckets and kegs.

We each have some provisions anyways.

Hurriedly we got palms to make a detached house where we can rest our head as night approached quickly.

The next morning we went searching for water and firewood, it was such an experience.

We saw some snakes and bush meat along our path.

Killed some and ran from some that seem deadly.

We found a spring, water rushing out from the center of the stone, with mouth apart we marveled at the beautiful sight.

There we brushed our teeth, had our bathes and fetched some to our place of abode.

Marked the path we took to and fro to avoid getting lost.

Fruits from the jungle filled our stomachs coupled with bush meats and drinking water from the spring.

It was an awesome experience I intend to have again now that I am much older.

With all the simplicity and little stress, life at the jungle is fun and healthy.

You get to eat good food, drinking sparkling water free from chemical or pollutions.

With this I can say the reasons our great grand parents lived longer than most of our generation is the fact that they are right(good health ).

They were  very far from all the pollutants we inhale from time to time.

We became wanderers exploring the forest.

Had our bathes in the stream, same with washing our dresses.

Fruits plucked are our source of strength and happiness at top notch.

All these makes me wonder how beautiful the old life is, it’s a free world, devoid of chaos, fighting and back biting.

The sight of nature was absolutely awesome.

All the experience gathered has Helped me in developing some awesome qualities and good relationship with living together with people.

I can’t wait to experience such communal, humbling and awesome experience.

Have you embarked on a journey where you had to camp in the forest?

We’d love for you to share your experience with Us.

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