Visa Free Countries For Nigerians

As a holder of the Nigerian international passport, you might have been denied visa to a country you earnestly want to visit either for academic or business purposes.

The most painful of all these is that the reason for the denial is almost flimsy.

No tangible reason apart form the fact that it’s Nigeria passport.

The stress of a denied visa after a close attempt can kill the joy of the vacation.

Might also make you reconsider traveling to explore the world.

Holders of Nigerian passport can travel to so many countries without having to process visa at all.

While some are completely visa free, others are for a specified time frame.

Some countries also give visa on arrival.

If you happen to be among those who wants to tour the world and having issues with visa approval, you can start by visiting all these countries that do not require visa  or have a rigorous visa processing procedures.

To enjoy all the benefits above, you will need to have the following.

• A Nigerian passport with 6 months validity, your passport will have to be valid for a minimal of 6 months without this you may be denied entrance to the country.

• Flight Return Ticket; they need to be sure you are planning to go back so will have to ask for your return ticket before welcoming you into the country.

• A Yellow Card; this is obtainable from the health sector, it satisfies you healthy. Without these you will be denied entrance.

• Hotel Reservation; The country you are going to would want to be certain you have a reservation in your name, meaning you are visiting.

It’s very essential to handle this ahead if your arrival to avoid any hitch.

As a Nigerian passport holder, below are visa free countries for Nigerians.

Dominica; This is an island in the west Indies. It’s official language is English.

Dominica gives Nigerian citizens 6 months visa free entry

Barbados; This is an island country in North America.

Allows Nigerian citizens a 6 months stay without visa.

The official language of Barbados is English.

Iran; Iran is the world 18th most populous country and are mostly Islam.

Their official language is Persian, Iran offers Nigerian citizen visa on arrival.

Cambodia; Cambodia is a country located in the southern part of China peninsula in southeast Asia. Offer Nigerian citizens 30 days visa on arrival.

Mauritius; This is an island nation in the Indian Ocean.

Located in Eastern Africa and gives Nigerians 2 weeks visa on arriving.

Fiji Island; This island is located in Oceania and Australia.

Offers Nigerians citizens 4 months visa-free entry.

Ghana; Ghana is a country located along the gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean in the sub region of west Africa.

Its capital City is Accra and one hour behind Nigeria.

Ghana offers Nigeria a visa-free entry.

Benin Republic; With its capital city as Porto Novo.

Benin is a member of ECOWAS so offers Nigerian citizen a 90 days visa.

Burkina Faso; A West African country and a member of ECOWAS.

Offers Nigerians visa-free entry.

Vanuatu; is a pacific island located in the south Pacific Ocean east of Australia.

Offers Nigerian citizens 30 days visa free entry.

Micronesia; this country is a sub region of Oceania ,Composed of thousands of small island in the Pacific Ocean.

It’s capital city is Weno,Allows Nigerian citizens 30 days visa-free entry.

It’s official language is English.

Cameroon; Cameroon is a country in Central Africa but sometimes referred to as West Africa because of its strategic positioning.

It’s official languages are English and French.

Cameroon allows citizens of Nigeria 90 days free visa entry.

Ivory Coast; Is a sub Saharan nation in southern West Africa.

Abidjan is the largest and economic city. The official language is French.

Ivory Coast allows Nigerians visa free entry.

Liberia; is a country in the West Africa with its capital city in Monrovia.

Liberia is a member of ECOWAS allows Nigeria citizens Free Visa entry.

There are so many other countries that offers visa on entrance like the Cape Verde, Gambia, Gabon ,Chad and so many others.

Any time you want to leave the country without worries about visa processing kindly consider any on these countries listed above.

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