Reasons you need to move to Lagos

Lagos State(the center of excellence) is a metropolis and a rapidly growing city in Nigeria and West Africa at large.

It’s a home for all and sundry, no matter your background, ethnicity, religion and wealth level.

This city of no sleep is a home for different traditions and a default choice for anyone who packed up their bags to leave their state..

The once capital of Nigeria is indeed beffiting of the name given to it as the center of excellence as it seems all the good and luxurious things in Nigeria can be found here.

The constant migration of people to Lagos has made it one of the most populated city in West Africa.

Let’s assume you gather a set of 100 young fellow to enquire which city in Nigeria they will want to base in disregarding all obstacles or limitations.

You will be amazed as about 85% would want to come to Lagos.

Ever wondered why every dick and Harry wants to come to Lagos?

Everyone wants equal opportunity and an easy gate way to accomplish their desires and longings.

Since Lagos is the most confirmed place to do that, why won’t I move to there.

You will hear thing like, since Ikenna and Israel made it after moving to Lagos, my case won’t be different.

Let me get there first and face whatever it is they are facing.

The essence of this article is to give you reasons why moving to Lagos would be the best thing you ever did.

1. Presence Of Sea Port And International Airport. 

The presence of these too makes it a mega city to be in as it offers you the opportunity of interconnecting with other countries.

With ease you can fly to other countries, produce your products and receive them with ease at the sea port.

What more can a business man be looking for?

This alone is enough to make you wealthy, as unnecessary transportation cost is cut down.

2. Job Opportunity.

Since most companies are built in this city because of accessibility and other reasons, it makes it the best city for job seekers.

There are lots of opportunity to choose from in the city of Lagos and most job in Lagos pays better than most cities.

If you’ve been searching for a job without success, Lagos is the place to be.

3. Large and accessible Market.

Nothing pleases a business person or an entrepreneur than a large and accessible market where they get to show case their products and services.

Get customers with ease and make more profit from turnover.

Other states transport themselves to Lagos just to have access to the large, vast market.

Lagos island is a market where you can get all you need at an affordable price.

Oyinbo market, ogboju market , alaba international, trade fair and so many others.

These markets offer you the best deal ever.

4. Night Life.

In Lagos you can leave your house at anytime and won’t be surprised to see people on the way or get a bus to convey you.

There is always movements in the city no matter the time of the day.

This night life is source of survival for people who sell at night and engage in other things during the day.

5. Accessibility to quality schools.

You won’t have to worry why moving as you are certain to get a very good school for yourself or wards.

Most of them are obtainable and pocket friendly with seasoned teachers who offer nothing but the best.

6. Beautiful Beaches And Recreational Areas.

The city of Lagos is surrounded with water, most areas around actually water but have been sand filled to create either an island or a habitant for the ever increasing population.

There are so many sandy beautiful beaches where you can visit for picnics or a day out with friends and family.

7. Availability And Affordable Food For Survival.

One of the basic things needed by man is food.

And the ability to afford things needed to put food on the table is always a welcome idea for everyone.

In Lagos food are very pocket friendly that no matter your level of wealth, you can afford to eat well in Lagos.

You can buy rice 50,beans 30 plus meat on top and it will be very satisfying.

In Lagos, Feeding is never an issue.

8. Hub For Celebrities And Entertainment. 

The likes of AY, Tubaba, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage and many others started and made it in Lagos.

Most of the brands supporting their careers are all in Lagos.

No matter how good you are doing in your state, know that the moment you enter Lagos with that your small talent.

The many opportunities you will get will make you blow before your time.

With all this things listed above, tell me you don’t want to move to Lagos and hammer like your mates.

Everything you need is available and accessible.

You only have to take the first step, which is packing your luggage and moving to the city where almost everything is achievable and possible for the smart ones.

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