Traveling to Dubai on a shoe string budget

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city that offers the best luxury in the world but can be traveled to on a shoestring budget.

Dubai is  a place of high extravagance with its many luxurious hotels, resorts and tourist sites.

With all these awesomeness, it may appear that Dubai is meant simply for the rich, wealthy individuals who has nothing to do with money.

This article is to debunk that false conclusion that Dubai is for only the rich.

It’s really available for all who desire to visit this wonderland that offers so much luxury.

All you need to do is map out a budget to stick to then go to places that support your budget.

Traveling on a shoestring budget requires proper research so you don’t need to bother, since we have you in mind.

Below are things you need to seriously consider.

Firstly, your travel need to be during the off season(April-August), despite the fact that the weather is high at this time, things are normal as there is no much rush and escalating of prices.

Let your visa processing( some countries can apply online) and planning be within this time.

After you have your visa approved, check out flights with affordable prices and book months ahead.

That slashes the actual amount you will pay by a good percentage thereby saving you money.

If you have people staying in Dubai, it’s time to reach out to them to possibly squat with them for the few days you plan to stay.

If that’s not obtainable for you, hotels outside of the modern Dubai is really pocket friendly and should be your best bet.

From there you can visit the beautiful luxurious places in the ultra modern city.

Since the time of traveling is within the hot season, what you need to do is to take clothes that are suiting for the weather, also at the top most of your itinerary should be beaches, swimming pools and the rest of them.

Visiting some of the beaches is achievable with little money or entirely free like the Jumeirah beach and so many others.

Though Dubia may seem like a city without green pastures because of its dryness and desert nature.

It still has so many huge and green parks where you can go on picnics and have great fun.

The fountain show is one of the most thrilling thing you get to experience in Dubai.

The light and sound show that comes up twice in a day is an awesome sight to behold.

All these you get to enjoy with a little token.

You can’t possibly get to Dubia and not visit the indigenous and famous Burj Al-Arab, the most iconic hotel in Dubai.

This sail shaped edifies has about 169 stories.

Even if you don’t get to tour inside (requires some money) you get to see the beauty with your eyes.

Try capturing with your phone and take memorable picture there.

Finally the desert safari experience is one you don’t have to leave out on.

So many companies offer that service, with proper enquires you will certainly get one that fits into your budget.

Go to the safari and have a feel of the desert.

There are many other things that are fascinating about dubai that you can still enjoy even with the tight budget like the Jumeirah mosque, the Museum and so many other.

From your interest you get to choose from varieties of options.

With these above I know you are anticipating your visit already, please kindly update us when you do so we can be part of your experience.

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