Traveling experience : Outside my space in Kwara state

This post is inspired by my travel experience as I ventured outside my space in Kwara state.

Where I grew up is so comfortable that I barely want to leave the city for anything.

Growing up in a quiet, serene and weather friendly environment, I defined comfort and at the same time peace.

I grew up with almost everyone around therefore am familiar with all.

We are more like a family, the thought of leaving that place is absolutely scary but I am always having this hunger in me to step out of my comfort and see the world beyond.

This urge started after I learnt that traveling expands our horizon giving us a deeper insight to humanity and the people around us.

The thought of seeing the world from a different angle and meeting people from diverse cultures, country, believe is absolutely thrilling.

I’ve know a particular set of people all my life Like the Buddha priest I feel trapped in my space.

I believe am not the only one who feels this way, you too would want to experience and see what is beyond your beautiful, weather friendly environment.

On the 4th of June 2018 , an opportunity came for me to travel and I sure as hell I jumped at it without mincing words.

There were surprised eyes piercing my body because I usually turn it down.

I got home , threw few clothes into my traveling box.

Gathered everything I needed and went off to the park the next morning.

I opted for a road trip because I needed to see everything with my eyes.

Ranging from the landscape, nature and seeing people.

I boarded a sienna for comfort and before an hour we were on the road.

I was told it’s a 4 hours travel but it lasted about 6-7 hours with traffics and bad roads.

On arrival at the park the sun gave us a hot welcome, on enquiry I was told it’s actually mild today.

The land of Kwara is a place with extreme weather condition.

Extremely hot during the day and extremely cold at night.

Even with sunshade the sun still hurts my eyes, I had to quickly get myself a face cap to feel a little better.

This taught me to cultivate the habit of making enquires about any destination I’d like to visit before hand.

So as to get all that is needed to give me comfort and pleasure.

I’ve always heard of Kwara state to have the highest and most spectacular waterfall in West African.

A visit to the water fall became a must and thanks to a colleague in Kwara visiting there was a possibility.

The OWU WATERFALL is located in OWU Isin local government of kwara state.

Despite the road to this fall is in a terrible state, I didn’t let that discourage me.

We boarded a bike and got to the fall.

The sight was heavenly and beautiful, watching the fall made me fantasize.

How did the waterfall come about or was created,It’s a beautiful site to behold.

The state is rich in culture and every corner full of native who believes you are one of them, so speaks to you in Yoruba.

Despite staying all my life in Lagos, these few days I spent in kwara, I learnt more Yoruba than I did in the past two decades.

The Muslim faithful pray about 5 times daily.

Before each prayer they performs an aberration to cleanse themselves.

It was an awesome trip that I wish to complete a next time.

I failed to visit the University, museum and other fun places I learnt existed.

For the first time I admired hijab and wore it before I entered Al-Likmah university (a Muslim university).

The university has a big mosque with tabs around the veranda for performing aberration.

I will edit and add more to this post when I complete this visit.

If you’ve visited or reside in Kwara state, leave us a comment.

Let’s know what your experience and view is about the extreme temperate region.

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