Travelers Guide : Keep these close to you

As a traveler, there are certain things you need to keep close to you.

These will save you from certain issues and difficulties.

With great delight and enthusiasm, I packed my luggage in preparation for my travel.

Its going to be my first time on an airplane and the first time I will be escaping the shores of Africa.

The thought of finally seeing all the beautiful magnificent buildings and places I’ve always seen on movies and in my imaginations sent adrenalin rush down my spine.

Heard the horn of a ride downstairs and I realized that’s my ride.

Soon we arrived the airport and I reached out into my bag to produce my passport and lo and behold I could not find it.

Quickly I emptied the content of my bad on the seat I was seated, yet I could not locate it, my countenance changed and I became restless.

I Immediately did a mental scan to help me figure out where I left it, it dawned on me that I had kept my passport, charger and some  documents on the dinning table, so I won’t forget them.

With all my carefulness and Intentionality I still forgot something as import as my passport.

Thanks to Janet my bosom friend who rushed to my place took the documents and biked to the airport.

This experience wasn’t pleasant in any way, therefore I compiled a list of things a traveler will need to make his journey smooth, easy and fun.

I call these the travelers guide, list of things to keep close to you ;

Passport and other documents:

After you’ve decided on Your location, made necessary enquiry, booked your flight(if applicable ) or rather identified the exact location of the transportation company you intend to use.

Kindly make sure all required documents are kept handy, before you leave the house double check to avoid stories that touches the heart.

Debit card and money :

You won’t want to get to a new location where most times you may not know a single person and be short of cash or without your debit card.

That alone will suck away the intended pleasure and fun the tour was meant to bring to your life.

Keep it close or keep it handy alongside your passport and other documents.


Your Gadgets and charger :

what’s vacation, tour or adventures without capturing every fun moments.

They are souvenirs you give yourself as they are packed with memories that will bring up a smile on your face when ever you look at it.

Ensure they are securely put into your luggage so there is no chance of leaving it behind.

Hotel reservation /contact a family:

It’s awesome to want to pull a surprise on some one and make them really thrilled to see you.

If it’s to a distant place, please kindly call before hand so they are aware

You don’t want to get there and find out they moved out and you are not able to reach them Or that they are out of town.

If you have no one in your travel destination, kindly make a room reservation for yourself before you get to the town.

This ensures you have  a place to rest while you step out later to look for a more suitable and suiting accommodation.

Don’t be a loner /Meet people:

I love to stay on my own most times but travelling is actually a time to meet and mingle with other minds.

They help you derive more fun in your new environment and enable easy navigation to anywhere you want.

If you don’t want that closeness, just get a tour guide to help you around the new vicinity.

With all these in place, you are certainly going to have the best time of your Life.

It’s a time to have plenty of fun, do that like you have just today to live. Happy vacationing.

Share with us your experiences or the thinnest thing you’ve forgotten before while traveling and how you felt when you discovered it.

A day before you leave your travel location, make sure you keep them close to you.

The cost of sending  it back can cost both hands and a foot.


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